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dalekians's Journal

Dalekians: We love you, Daleks!
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A community for all fans of the Doctor's greatest foes-the Daleks!
Did you used to hide behind the sofa as a child, back in the days of wobbly sets and tin foil monsters? Did you love the menacing pepperpots but still fear them?

Did the Daleks instil a love/fear/adoration for them so deep inside you that you love them still? If so then this is the community for you!

Feel free to photospam us with photos of your toy Daleks in action, regale us with thoughts on your favourite Dalek episode, write Dalek fanfic... basically anything Dalek-related you like as long as you're all excellent to each other.

Also, why not check out our sister communities, geek_girls_anon, where geek girls (and a few geek boys) get to squee their pants off over all things geeky, and fishy_custard for all things silly?

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